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Structured technical interviews made easy with templates

Running a “structured interview” may sound intimidating, but the concept is simple: you should conduct your interviews in a consistent way in order to identify the most qualified candidates and reduce bias in hiring. As we discussed in a recent blog post, this means using a predefined set of questions, asking questions in the same order every time, and using consistent metrics to evaluate candidates.

We are happy to announce that conducting a structured interview in CodeSignal is now easier than ever with our newly-launched feature, interview templates!

Customizable Templates

While structured interviews require interviewers to prepare, that doesn’t mean they need to spend hours putting together their interview template. CodeSignal Interview now allows you to easily build templates using your existing library of tasks (including the hundreds of tasks designed by CodeSignal!).

Just choose the tasks you’d like to use in your interviews, arrange them in the order you’d like, and you’re done! If you’d like to make changes later, you can easily update your templates. 

Already using CodeSignal Interview? Here are step-by-step instructions for creating and updating templates.

Using a Template During an Interview

When it comes time to conduct a live interview, making use of a template is simple and intuitive. Simply launch the template of your choice within the interview session and lead your candidate through the tasks in the order you defined ahead of time.

While templates are useful for interviews with just one interviewer, they’re even more valuable in interviews with a panel of interviewers. With predefined tasks and an interview structure that your team can re-use in each interview, it is easy to keep track of which interviewer is leading each portion of the interview since this will not change across interview sessions. Templates help ensure your entire interviewing team is on the same page during the interview session – crucial for successful structured interviews. 

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