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AI and analytics: We’ve got answers to your burning questions

There’s no denying that the technical hiring environment we’re in today looks very different than it did a year ago. After a wild hiring frenzy, you’ve now likely swung the pendulum the other direction and are staring down resource constraints—all while trying to figure out how you can squeeze more value from your investments. Plus, generative artificial intelligence (AI) is now in the mix and is fundamentally changing the way your engineers build software. 

This all may make you wonder: Are we still assessing our engineering candidates in the best way possible? And how can I know if we are?

There are a number of questions you need to answer in order to improve your hiring strategy:

  • What’s the impact of our hiring process on the bottom line? 
  • Is our technical hiring process efficient and effective, especially when compared to other companies in our industry?
  • How can we tell if a candidate used generative AI to complete an assessment? Can we trust our assessment results? 
  • At the same time, should we enable candidates to use generative AI, since it’s becoming commonplace on our teams?
  • How can we gain a deeper, more well-rounded view of each candidate in order to make better hiring decisions?

That’s where CodeSignal can help. Our latest product enhancements deliver the insights and features you need to thrive in today’s quickly-evolving talent landscape. 

These enhancements are.. 🥁

Executive Analytics dashboard

Our new Executive Analytics dashboard connects the performance of your hiring process to cost savings, time reduction, and candidate quality metrics. This allows you to:

  • Quantify savings: See the amount of time and money your organization is saving, substantiating your ROI.
  • Refine your hiring metrics: Track and improve your hiring process with the ability to measure key metrics like time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.
  • Ensure candidate quality: Compare your assessment score distribution and more with industry peers, as well as gain insight into overall skill proficiency.
  • Dive deeper into your candidate pool: See a geographical distribution of your candidate pool, learn about candidate preferences, and dig into the high-level candidate experience sentiment, all of which can inform your sourcing strategy and hiring process.

Pre-Screen Analytics

Zoom in even closer on metrics with CodeSignal’s Pre-Screen Analytics, which allow you to build an industry-leading technical hiring process with key performance metrics and benchmarks for each assessment. Use Pre-Screen Analytics to:

  • Drive process efficiency: With critical funnel metrics, you’ll be empowered to identify and address bottlenecks where candidate drop-off exceeds benchmark.
  • Ensure candidate quality: Compare your score distribution and more with industry peers.
  • Manage interview volume: Regulate your interview volume effectively with insights into how scoring thresholds impact your candidate pass-through rate.
  • Get a well-rounded view of your candidate pool: Gain insight into skill proficiency, candidate preferences, and overall candidate experience sentiment to deliver a better process for candidates and hiring teams alike.

Suspicion Score

We’ve leveled up our Similarity Score with product improvements that enhance our platform’s ability to flag suspicious activity during a CodeSignal evaluation. With our new Suspicion Score, you can maintain the integrity of your hiring process by flagging potentially suspicious activity from a variety of sources, including AI-aided plagiarism, previous candidate submissions, and more. The Suspicion Score:

  • Dissects each solution to identify patterns across the millions of interviews and assessments conducted on the CodeSignal platform
  • Looks beyond code to reliably identify activities correlated with the use of AI coding assistance or unauthorized resources
  • Synthesizes these factors to assign a trust level to each result, giving you confidence in your candidates’ results while flagging those that require further review

Deeper skill insights

Trusting the integrity of a candidate’s solution is the first step toward making a great hire. The next one is digging deeper into their skills. With our new Code Quality Score and AI Insights, you get detailed insights into a candidate’s performance on a CodeSignal evaluation.

  • Code Quality Score: Get directional insights on the quality of a candidate’s code—not just the correctness of their solution.
  • AI Insights: Streamline decision-making by summarizing a candidate’s assessment performance with easy-to-understand takeaways for technical and non-technical audiences.

AI-powered coding assistant, Cosmo

Last but certainly not least, we’re proud to introduce the newest member of the CodeSignal community: Cosmo! We built Cosmo, an AI-powered coding assistant integrated into our IDE, to allow candidates to leverage the power of AI while taking a CodeSignal assessment. With Cosmo, candidates can get instant support for navigating the CodeSignal platform—and take advantage of the AI revolution, just as they would on the job, with the ability to write code, debug solutions, and more.

Plus, the candidate’s conversation with Cosmo can be recorded and made available to you, providing insight into how well the candidate can leverage generative AI when coding.

Learn more

Want to see these exciting product enhancements in action? Contact or CSM or schedule a call with one of our experts.