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CodeSignal for Hypergrowth Companies and Startups

The Solution to Your Hypergrowth & High-Volume Hiring Needs

Save 40-60% of time while quickly identifying the top talent for your hypergrowth organization.

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CodeSignal has Helped These Companies Optimize Their Hypergrowth Hiring Process

Hypergrowth Solution Spotlight

High-Growth Hiring Is Made Simple with CodeSignal

Optimize Your Interview Process

And gather accurate skills data about your candidates, too.

• Empower recruiters to accurately assess technical skills in the early stage of the interview.
• Free up engineers from high volume technical interviews.
• Improve the onsite-to-offer rate by 3x.

Scale Technical Hiring Efficiently

• Streamline the interview process by integrating CodeSignal assessments with your ATS.
• Reduce the cost of hire significantly through built-in economies of scale.
• Use institutional knowledge on technical assessments to fuel continuous growth.

CodeSignal Test: The Details

Conduct In-Depth Technical Assessments with Calibrated Coding Tests

Deep Knowledge Assessment

Test real coding skills, not just theory, by simulating on-the-job skills during the assessment.

Tailor assessments to specific roles, including mobile, front-end, backend, devops, data science, and more.

Elevated candidate experience with the most advanced integrated development environment including key features like:

• Monaco-powered code editor
• Built-in Ubuntu terminal
• Multi-file system support
• Instant code execution

Unbeatable Candidate Experience

Built for Compliance

CodeSignal’s platform operates with robust security and privacy standards, including GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Our test design experts can also ensure you are conducting unbiased assessments to stay EEOC-compliant.

You’re in Good Company

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With the help of CodeSignal, Outreach has been able to create an efficient and equitable technical hiring process that’s ready to support their growth and scale for whatever’s next.

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Cohesity utilizes CodeSignal Certify as a top-of-funnel screening tool, saving time for the engineering team while still filtering for top talent.

We needed to go from hiring hundreds to hiring thousands – and the tools to help us accelerate that. We also needed to figure out ways to objectively uncover new sources of talent. CodeSignal allowed us to figure out an objective way to bring in new talent from new sources.

— Richard Cho, Head of Recruiting at Robinhood

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