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Use Skills Evaluation Frameworks to ensure you're accurately measuring the right skills, eliminating question leak concerns, and drastically reducing engineering time spent creating and maintaining coding questions.

What are Skills Evaluation Frameworks?

CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Frameworks are role-relevant assessments that are written and maintained by subject matter experts and validated by Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychologists.

These frameworks are built from a research-backed set of requirements and guidelines that enable CodeSignal customers to consistently identify qualified candidates for their roles.

Why use a framework-based assessment?

Offered only by CodeSignal, Skills Evaluation Frameworks have many benefits over developer skills assessments built in-house:

Stronger indicator of skill, measured by a correlation between candidate evaluation performance and later-stage interviews.

Scaled variations of assessment questions and dynamic question rotation minimizes the risk of candidates finding answers online.

No maintenance cost. Your engineering team doesn’t need to worry about designing and updating coding questions.

High consistency and validity between different versions of the same assessment.

Validation and adverse impact studies that support EEOC and OFCCP compliance.

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How CodeSignal builds Skills Evaluation Frameworks

Identify the core skills for a role

To build a framework for a particular engineering role and level, CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Lab begins by closely collaborating with dedicated assessment engineers who are intimately familiar with the roles.

Construct the framework

Our Skills Evaluation Lab comes up with the general structure and building blocks of a framework to outline how the critical skills will be evaluated.

Validate the framework

Before rolling out a framework to candidates, the Skills Evaluation Lab validates the assessment with the subject matter experts. These experts confirm that the framework captures the right skills and is fair and accurate.

Introduce variations

Variations are the best way to combat plagiarism and leaking, which is critically important for an engineering team to scale. CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Lab develops both minor and major question variations with careful testing to ensure fair and consistent scoring.

Monitor and adjust

To guarantee the framework serves as a valid measure of candidates’ skills, the Skills Evaluation Lab conducts ongoing monitoring and adjustment of each framework. This includes conducting adverse impact analyses to ensure the framework fairly assesses candidates across protected demographic categories.

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