Get the interviewing data you need with CodeSignal Recruiter

Make hiring decisions based on skills, not gut feelings. Interview recordings, sharable results, and a host of advanced features make it easy to objectively evaluate and compare a candidate's technical skills.

We got our first hire in just a few weeks.
CodeSignal Recruiter is now a trusted partner in Datto's recruiting process.

David Block

VP of Engineering @Datto

Interview candidates in an advanced collaborative coding environment

CodeSignal Recruiter simplifies the interview process, making it easy to conduct remote and in-person interviews. The interviewing interface is intuitive to use and includes a compiler and a live video component, so you and your candidate can concentrate on the interview instead of trying to figure out the IDE.

Leverage a state-of-the-art IDE with support for 38 programming languages

See how well your candidates can really code - not just whether they can whiteboard. Let them choose their favorite coding language (or select one for them) as they solve free-form coding questions or tasks from the extensive Task Library.