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More Time Developing, Less Time Interviewing

Cut down engineering time spent interviewing by 40–60% — without compromising on candidate experience.

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CodeSignal solves 3 key hiring pain points for engineering teams:

#1: You spend way too much time interviewing

Save hundreds to thousands of engineering hours with CodeSignal Tech Screen, a white-glove replacement for phone screens where real humans lead candidates through structured coding questions.

You can also Pre-Screen candidates in high volume hiring scenarios (like university recruiting) so your team focuses only on qualified candidates.

#2: Your best interview questions constantly get leaked

Make cheating and plagiarism a thing of the past: CodeSignal’s platform uses skills evaluation frameworks that are consistent, fair, and automatically generate millions of question variations.

#3: You wish interviews could be more like pair programming

Get the most out of your live coding interviews with CodeSignal Interview, our collaborative cloud IDE that lets you write real code in a familiar dev environment.


Hard-to-fill role? We’ve got you covered.

Our team of Assessment Engineers and IO Psychologists designs and maintains predictive and fair skills screens to meet all your hiring needs.

Data Scientist

ML Engineer

Data Engineer

Backend Engineer

Frontend Engineer

Web Developer

Full-Stack Engineer

React Developer

iOS Engineer

Android Engineer


QA/Test Engineer

A cloud IDE where you write real code — no limits or workarounds.

Whether it’s a Pre-Screen, Tech Screen, or live Interview, the CodeSignal platform provides all the tools developers need to show real-world skills. 70+ supported languages and frameworks, including:

React Native
Plain Text

JS & Mocha

Python & Unittest
C# & NUnit
C# & xUnit

Easily import GitHub projects

Install packages, start services, run debuggers and more from the terminal

Live interactive frontend preview and mobile device emulator

Learn more about why candidates and interviewers voted our IDE #1.

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