Certified Coding Assessments

Understand how you compare with the rest of the world

Certify Your Coding Skills Ranking

Find out how you rank compared to the rest of the industry

Understand Strengths and Weaknesses

Know where you excel and what you need to work on and how you compare to the rest of the industry to ensure that you meet and exceed job expectations

Increase Interview Rate

Attach your Certified Coding Report in job applications and start getting recognized for your skills, not just your resume

Build Your Developer Resume

Show off your skills and build a portfolio highlighting your coding competence and programming language proficiency

How It Works

Proctored certified assessments that help you get recognized

1. Take the Assessment

The CodeSignal Certified Assessment is designed to objectively grade your implementation and problem-solving skills

2. Get Your Coding Report

Upon completion, you will receive a Coding Report with a Coding Score that you can attach to job applications

3. Apply to Jobs

Attach your coding report to increase your chances of getting noticed by top tech companies

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