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7 Oct

Introducing Certify: The standardized assessment for programming skills

Product Launch - Certify

CodeSignal has officially launched Certify out of beta and into the real world! Try Certify today yourself.

Are you hiring a ton of engineers? Looking to recruit new technical talent from universities? Or, do you simply have so much demand for your open positions it’s hard to find the best candidates?

Certify, CodeSignal’s top-of-funnel testing solution, is designed for you. Much like the SAT or TOEFL, CodeSignal’s Certify technical skills assessment solution enables organizations to standardize skill measurement across every candidate, resulting in more efficient and consistent testing results. Rather than relying on proxies like years of experience or even the name of university someone graduated from, Certify allows recruiters and hiring managers to calibrate candidates while introducing objectivity into the early stage of hiring.

Many leading tech companies like Quora, Robinhood, eBay, and Postmates have already found great success by introducing Certify into their hiring process — especially for high-volume positions such as new grad software engineers or software engineering interns. 

Here’s what a few folks had to say about implementing Certify: 

Phenomenal assessment solution especially for university recruiting!
The ability to send out a standardized assessment and get certified results back has made our university recruiting process a joy. Before CodeSignal, we were forced to review thousands of student resumes, discard most of them for very subjective reasons and send the rest to be reviewed by our hiring managers. 

Now we send everyone who applies or expresses interest in the company a CodeSignal Certification request and based on their Coding Score we move them to an onsite interview. How beautiful is that? Saves us a lot of engineering and recruiting time and finds for us hidden gems that we would have never been able to find purely based on resumes.
Find candidates we wouldn’t have considered otherwise
What I like the most is the ability to put the assessments at the very top of the funnel and find candidates we wouldn't have considered otherwise. It's not only the right thing to do but has helped us scale our top of the funnel without spending a lot of time and money with expensive recruiting agencies. We just advertise our job posting on all platforms, get thousands of candidates and then ask them to complete a General Coding Assessment through CodeSignal.
Indispensable for technical hiring
The ability to see someone’s true technical ability without having to rely on their resume has been eye opening. Before using CodeSignal, we would reject more than 97% of all of our applicants based on their resumes. Now everyone goes through a CodeSignal certification and we’ve been able to find amazing team members who wouldn’t ever get the interview in our old flow.

As of today, we’ve officially launched Certify out of beta and into the real world. This means this powerful solution is now available to any teams or companies instead of a select group of existing CodeSignal customers.

The best part? You can create a user account on your own and start using Certify right away! 

Getting Started with CodeSignal Certify

Before you (and we) get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about what Certify is and how it enables hiring teams to focus on qualified candidates, minimize hiring bias, and save time by automating the assessment process.

You can watch this video for an introduction to Certify. 

Sign up for free and check out the tutorial

The official launch of Certify includes robust enhancements with a focus on enterprise clients, including Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations with most popular ATS providers, automated virtual proctoring functionality to eliminate false positives, an API for sending and receiving certified assessments programmatically and Single Sign On (SSO) features that support all standard SSO protocols.

If you haven’t implemented assessments into your hiring process, Certify is an easy way to get started today. 

Since Certify sits at the top of the funnel for a high-volume funnel, you can immediately see results from implementing this assessment solution. Monitor your funnel conversion rate and speed for the end-to-end engineering hiring process. You will save time and hire candidates with the right technical skills your team needs. 

If you’ve already implemented assessments into your hiring process, we ask that you ask yourself one question: Is my current assessment process able to produce consistent results while ensuring EEOC compliance?

It’s that second part that can be tricky. It’s why all of our assessments are based around our proprietary assessment framework. 

Implement Technical Skill Assessments with Certify Today

Hiring engineers doesn’t have to be hard. By implementing assessments, hiring teams save time, reduce hiring bias, and ensure candidates have the real skills needed to get the job done. Certify is the first technical assessment product that can be used at the very top of the hiring funnel allowing talent acquisition professionals and engineering managers to request and compare unbiased and easy-to-understand assessment results at scale to make data-driven hiring decisions
To get started, you can sign up for Certify here.

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