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19 Nov

Find Expert Data Engineers With Custom Database Tasks

We’re excited to announce that you can now use CodeSignal to create custom database tasks written in PostgreSQL or MySQL. While our content library already has a number of database tasks to choose from, you can now design your own SQL question and use it in any live interview or an automated assessment for your data engineer or analyst roles. 

Assessing SQL Skills

Data engineers and data analysts bring essential, sought-after skills to an organization. They create data pipelines, automate common file-system tasks, optimize database performance, and run business reporting. In addition to coding in languages like Python and R, candidates almost always need to know how to use SQL to query a database efficiently. But testing SQL skills can be hard. Most assessment tools don’t let you configure a custom database environment and write your own test cases, so you can only ask candidates simple questions that look nothing like your team’s real-world challenges. 

That’s why CodeSignal now includes all of the hooks you need to set up your own SQL questions. You specify the database schema and add as many test cases as you want. By writing your own setup and teardown scripts, you are in complete control of the environment. We also let you provide an author solution for the task and use it to automatically generate the outputs for your test cases, saving your team time. 

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Now you can confidently assess a candidate’s SQL skills in a live interview setting, or automatically score the results of a screening test sent out to your candidate pool. To learn more about creating SQL tasks, click here for a helpful list of steps.

Try CodeSignal

PostgreSQL and MySQL are currently supported, with support for MicrosoftSQL coming soon. You can create many other kinds of advanced coding tasks in CodeSignal, even involving multiple files. To give CodeSignal a try, fill out the form below for instant access to our demo. 

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