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Sometimes it’s not enough for a candidate to just be able to solve a given problem; you might be looking for someone who can solve it in a particular way. Whether it’s based on the standards followed by your dev team, or a specific technology you’ll be using, a recovery task allows us to impose constraints and limitations on how the problem can be solved.

Specifically, with this type of task, we can provide some pre-written code with one or more designated areas where the user can write their own code. When running the tests, the candidate’s code is verified before it’s sent to the coderunner (a dedicated server for running users’ code, without inconsistencies of bandwidth or processor speed) – if any of the original code has been modified, the tests will not run.

This type of task could be described as a “fill in the blanks” style, where the blanks can be as simple as providing a single variable name, or as complex as writing an entire class. This is another one of the ways that the CodeSignal platform allows the candidate to demonstrate only the most relevant skills, and in a shorter time.

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