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Multiple choice questions

One of the main strengths of the CodeSignal platform is that it can provide a quick signal of a candidate’s abilities. This has evident advantages for the recruiter, and it also improves the candidate experience, as their time isn’t wasted.

If you’re looking to hire someone to work with a particular language, framework, or tool, you can use multiple-choice quiz questions to very quickly check their level of understanding. This can be useful for screening purposes, so that the candidates advancing to code-writing tasks will have already demonstrated the required baseline familiarity.

These kinds of questions support markdown, so both the questions and answers can include code, images, and other forms of stylization. This allows us to construct questions that can’t easily be solved by google searching. As an additional anti-cheating measure, copy-pasting is disabled, so that the candidate wouldn’t be able to simply copy and run a given block of code. Furthermore, these are usually presented as a group of around 15 questions, with a time limit for completing the whole test.

The CodeSignal library features hundreds of these types of questions, covering specific technologies like React or Android, as well as broader concepts like machine learning or object-oriented programming. Additionally, as we’ll see in a future episode, the process of creating a new quiz question is very simple and straightforward.

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