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Webinar: Best Practices for Preparing Candidates for Tech Interviews

Recruiters invest a lot of time and effort in the recruitment of their candidates, and the best recruiters protect those investments by thoroughly preparing their candidates for interviews and the overall hiring process. Keeping candidates well-informed and in the loop about your company’s hiring process is a win-win for both candidates and hiring teams. Candidates will have a better experience in your process which, in turn, makes them more likely to accept an offer—and hiring teams will benefit from higher pass-through rates and a more efficient recruiting process overall.

In this webinar, learn from Jen Davis, Principal TA Leader at Reddit, and Matthew Compton, Engineering Manager at Reddit, as they share the secrets for setting up candidates for success.

Jen has made nearly 50 tech and executive hires at Reddit in less than two years. Some of the strategies for this session will include:

  • Being an effective ambassador for the brand
  • Mapping the stages of the tech hiring process
  • Coaching candidates on how to best share their stories and technical abilities
  • Alleviating candidate performance anxiety when it comes to technical interviews and assessments