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Webinar: How to Confidently Plan for Your 2022 Recruiting Needs

Resource Planning: How to confidently plan for your 2022 recruiting needs

Recruiting is one of the most difficult challenges that businesses face today and there are high expectations placed on all Talent Acquisition leaders. But, so often you won’t get your business’s headcount projects until well into the first quarter, or even later. How can you get a jump start planning your own resourcing needs so you don’t waste critical lead time and ensure you are set up to hit your recruiting targets?

In this webinar, CodeSignal’s CEO, Tigran Sloyan, speaks with Craig Campbell, Head of Technical Recruiting at Robinhood, and Brenna Lenoir, VP of Marketing at CodeSignal. They discuss how to create a strategic resource and program planning so that Talent Acquisition can create a predictable candidate pipeline, improve the candidate experience, and place the right hires faster.

You’ll learn:

  • How to calculate Talent Acquisition funnel metrics to predict applicate volume and recruiting team headcount needs
  • How to have the tough conversations with finance and business leaders to get the resources you need
  • How to track and manage data-driven progress towards your hiring goals.

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