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Webinar: How Asana Uncovers Underrepresented Engineering Talent

How Asana apprenticeships uncover underrepresented engineering talent

According to a 2021 study from Hack Future Lab, 93% of leaders agree the DEI agenda is a top priority. However, only 34% believe it is a current strength in their workplace.

How can organizations bridge the gap when it comes to attracting and retaining diverse technical talent? Asana has a few ideas.

In this webinar, CodeSignal’s Co-Founder, Sophia Baik, talks with Sophia Yamauchi, Head of AsanaUP, about Asana’s unique and highly effective approach to recruiting talent from underrepresented and nontraditional communities through their apprenticeship program.

You’ll learn:

  • What the AsanaUP apprenticeship program is and how they source diverse engineering talent
  • How Asana converts 82% of engineering apprentices to full time hires through mentorship and development
  • Advice and insights for other organizations looking to reach talent in underrepresented communities

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