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CodeSignal Strengthens Customer Success with New Skills Evaluations Frameworks, Product Enhancements, and Team Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CodeSignal, the leading technical interview and assessment platform, today announced continued momentum in 2022 with new product enhancements, increasing the number of assessments and interviews completed by more than 5X compared to previous years, and doubling employee headcount.

Progressive Questions: More Accurate Signal of Candidate Skills

CodeSignal customers can now better simulate on-the-job experiences and get a stronger signal of skill with CodeSignal’s progressive questions. Progressive questions are multi-level questions that begin with basic requirements and gradually increase in complexity. Customers can mimic real-world scenarios for their candidates to more accurately assess how candidates can re-use and refactor code to meet new requirements, without the need to start from scratch with each question. This new functionality allows the candidate to better demonstrate their skills, and companies get a more accurate sense of the candidate’s true abilities.

Skills Evaluation Frameworks: New Skills-Based Evaluations Now in GA

CodeSignal recently rolled out additional Skills Evaluation Frameworks focused on machine learning, front-end development, and system design that offer customers stronger indicators of skill and eliminate question leak concerns. These frameworks are built from a research-backed set of requirements and guidelines that enable CodeSignal customers to consistently identify qualified candidates for their roles.

“By expanding our library of Skills Evaluation Frameworks, we’re able to make significant improvements to how companies hire software engineers,” says Sylvia Mol, PhD, IO Psychologist and Head of CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Lab. “The launch of these additional frameworks empowers customers to conduct technical evaluations that fairly assess candidates for specific roles and reduce potential bias that could impact hiring decisions.”

Company Leadership and Team Growth: Expanding Customer Experience Team

In the second half of 2022, CodeSignal has grown its number of employees by 51%, expanding their leadership to include Priya Bhatia, VP of Customer Success and Global Support, and Frank Lamprea, VP of WW Sales Engineering. Bhatia joins the executive team bringing over fifteen years of experience, having had previous successful customer success stints at ThoughtSpot and Lacework. Lamprea brings over twenty years of experience, leading successful sales engineering teams at BMC Software, AppDynamics, ThoughtSpot, and most recently Lacework.

“We are fortunate to welcome Priya Bhatia and Frank Lamprea to the CodeSignal team,” says Tigran Sloyan, CEO & Co-Founder of CodeSignal. “With the expertise they bring to the company, we’re able to continue supporting our customers’ hiring success, and provide the best customer experiences to create strong, long-lasting relationships.”

Additional News and Achievements from CodeSignal in 2022 include:

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About CodeSignal

CodeSignal is the leading technical interview and assessment solution, helping companies identify the right candidates with the right skills—even if they don’t have the “right” profile. For far too long, companies have spent too much time sifting through all the noise produced by traditional resumes, generic assessments, and inconsistent interviews, when all they really want to know is how well candidates can do the job.

CodeSignal helps companies go beyond the noise with smarter assessment questions, a simpler process, and a stronger platform. Founded in 2015, CodeSignal is trusted by leading companies like Netflix, Capital One, Meta, and Dropbox.

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