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CodeSignal Expands Library of Certified Evaluations to Meet Growing Demand for Validated and Reliable Technical Assessments

CodeSignal’s Enhanced Certified Evaluations Provide Unparalleled Insights into Candidates’ Technical Skills

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CodeSignal, the leading technical interview and assessment solution, today announced the expansion of their Certified Evaluations.

Since 2015, CodeSignal has provided Certified Evaluations, which are role-relevant assessments that enable customers to consistently identify qualified candidates. Built using CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Framework approach, these evaluations are written and maintained by subject matter experts and validated by Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychologists. Backed by almost a decade of data validation, Certified Evaluations allow customers to ensure their technical assessments and interviews are highly consistent and receive a strong signal of skill.

In 2022, CodeSignal doubled its number of Certified Evaluations available, covering skill areas such as front-end, system design, machine learning, and more. CodeSignal saw a 60% growth in Certified Evaluations adopted by customers, highlighting the need for reliable, role-relevant assessments. Customers who adopted Certified Evaluations saw a 21% increase in candidate response rate, when compared to custom assessments. With additional evaluations slated to be released in the coming months, such as security, cloud, devops, and more, CodeSignal is committed to expanding its library of Certified Evaluations.

“The expansion of Certified Evaluations enables customers to provide a consistent experience in the technical hiring process, increasing fairness among candidates,” says Peter Lu, SVP of Product, “Customers can take comfort in knowing that they are hiring the best talent for their organization, while also building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.”

CodeSignal is the only end-to-end solution that provides skills-based Certified Evaluations that are created by experts, backed by science, and maintained by CodeSignal. Its commitment to adding even more evaluations solidifies its position as the go-to solution for technical hiring.

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About CodeSignal

CodeSignal is the leading technical interview and assessment solution, helping companies identify the right candidates with the right skills—even if they don’t have the “right” profile. For far too long, companies have spent too much time sifting through all the noise produced by traditional resumes, generic assessments, and inconsistent interviews, when all they really want to know is how well candidates can do the job.

CodeSignal helps companies go beyond the noise with smarter assessment questions, a simpler process, and a stronger platform. Founded in 2015, CodeSignal is trusted by leading companies like Netflix, Capital One, Meta, and Dropbox.

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