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codesignal and Greenhouse

Assess and recruit top technical talent with CodeSignal and Greenhouse

Send CodeSignal tests, schedule interviews, and more – all from within Greenhouse.

How to use CodeSignal and Greenhouse together

Schedule & review CodeSignal interview sessions

Manage your remote technical interviews or on-sites, all in one place.

• Generate & send live interview session links easily in Greenhouse
• Review, playback & share recorded interview sessions for easy collaboration with your hiring team

Invite candidates to CodeSignal evaluations and review results

Streamline your assessment workflow to scale your top of the funnel recruiting.

• Send CodeSignal evaluations to your candidates easily from Greenhouse – individually or in bulk
• View a succinct summary of your candidate’s results with one click


See the CodeSignal & Greenhouse integration in action

Speak with one of our experts about how our integration can work for your team.

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