The interview and assessment platform that delivers on its promises

Learn why companies are making the switch from HackerRank to CodeSignal.

97 / 100
40 / 100

Fall 2021 G2 Technical Screening

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The most advanced features on the market

In today’s market for technical talent, providing an exceptional candidate experience is more important than ever. Wow your candidates with CodeSignal’s state-of-the-art IDE that’s fully equipped with their favorite features. Compare HackerRank vs CodeSignal yourself!

Programming languages supported
Library of pre-built questions/tasks
Predictive Coding Score
Advanced IDE with fully supported auto-complete
Dynamic live preview for frontend & mobile tasks in IDE
Integrated terminal
Coding playback
Project-based tasks (e.g. Mobile React-native)
Support for building full-stack applications
Templates & test review for structured interviews

“CodeSignal has the best IDE experience of all other competitors I've used.”

A true signal of a candidate’s abilities

CodeSignal’s Pre-Screen and Tech Screen questions are validated and backed by research—meaning they provide an exceptional signal of a candidate’s coding skill.

The only solution that can accurately screen candidates at the top of the funnel and beyond

With over 1 million variations of our skills evaluation frameworks, cheating is practically impossible.

Our question bank is constantly being updated and expanded by our dedicated team of test design experts.

A cloud IDE that delivers exceptional candidate experience

While HackerRank’s IDE includes features like autocomplete for some programming languages, only CodeSignal offers users an IDE that feels just like coding locally—full support for autocomplete, the only debugger tool on the market, and much more.

Don’t just take our word for it

“CodeSignal is an awesome product that covers the necessities of automated coding tests with a fair price tag. Configuration was very quick and the CodeSignal team is more than happy to help with that process.”


See the CodeSignal difference for yourself

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