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Transform your tech interviews into a realistic simulation of software development work. CodeSignal’s state-of-the-art IDE empowers hiring teams to make the right hires, faster, by assessing job-relevant skills.

Certified Evaluations backed by over 2,800 hours of research each
Single IDE for products across platform
Library of pre-built coding questions
Dynamic live preview in IDE, including mobile tasks
Fully integrated terminal
Support for building full-stack applications, including filesystem support and front-end preview
Predictive, research-backed Coding Score
Assessment-level benchmarking
Business impact metrics
Code quality insights

“CodeSignal has the best IDE experience of all other competitors I've used.”

Smarter questions

Stronger signal of skill

Candidates are 6x more likely to receive an offer after passing a CodeSignal assessment

Deeper insights for more accurate decisions

Go beyond pass/fail with CodeSignal’s patented scoring system

Fair, legally defensible, and proven

Reduce legal and compliance risk with Certified Evaluations that undergo a multi-pronged validation process

Simpler process

Enterprise grade

Create custom roles and permissions, aligned to your organization’s needs

Outcome-driven analytics

Only CodeSignal aligns your process to outcomes, with key assessment-level benchmarks and ROI metrics

Success-focused partners

A tool is only part of the equation. CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Lab, customer success team, and data experts know the path to success

Assessment integrity

Minimize cheating with our proactive, multi-faceted approach to mitigating plagiarism and question leaks

Stronger platform

Simulate a variety of roles

Create fully customized environments with an integrated terminal and flexibility to pull in questions or templates, create filesystem questions, and support a wide variety of languages

Integrate seamlessly with an enterprise tech stack

CodeSignal has out-of-the-box integrations with Oracle, Workday, Greenhouse, Calendy, Gem, and more.

Don’t just take our word for it

See the CodeSignal difference for yourself

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