Real Interviewers. Real Results.

Learn why companies are making the switch from Karat to CodeSignal to deliver a white-glove tech screening experience for candidates, objectively and at scale.

The difference is in the details

Trusting a third party to evaluate your candidates is a weighty decision. CodeSignal brings years of experience, research, and real data to our technical screening solutions, resulting in the most reliable tech screen on the market.

Friendly human interviewers
Library of research-backed questions validated by IO Psychologists
Automatically-scored coding tasks
Rapid post-interview candidate evaluation
Predictive, research-backed Coding Score
Advanced IDE with auto-complete & integrated terminal
Multiple language and framework support
Comprehensive replay, including a timeline of when candidates run & submit code

Save thousands of engineering hours, improve speed-to-hire

Your engineers will be thrilled to have time back when you let CodeSignal's experts handle your tech screen process, start to finish.


hours saved, which is the annual equivalent of nearly 6 full time engineers

A true signal of a candidate’s technical skill

Unlike other tech screening solutions, CodeSignal’s interview questions are developed by technical assessment experts and validated by our team of PhD IO Psychologists.

This means that our questions are proven to reliably identify qualified candidates and minimize bias.

Human-led interviews, at scale

Wow your candidates with a white-glove Tech Screen experience.

When a candidate enters a CodeSignal Tech Screen, they’ll be greeted by a friendly, real human who is trained to deliver a first-class candidate experience, provide consistent guidance to using the live coding platform, and more.

Companies are making the switch

“We tried outsourcing our technical interviews to Karat. The problem was, they weren’t scalable and couldn’t keep up with our needs.”


CodeSignal is trusted by top companies like:

See the CodeSignal difference for yourself.

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