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A Better Way to Conduct the Technical Screen

Consistent and fair technical screens that give time back to engineers while delivering a white-glove candidate experience.

Make No Compromises

Objectively identify qualified candidates and create an exceptional candidate experience—fewer engineering hours required.

Replace the Traditional Phone Screen

CodeSignal Tech Screen is designed to replace traditional technical phone screens, which require hundreds or even thousands of hours from your engineering teams.

Fast, Research-Backed Results

Our tech screens are human-led and computer-scored, offering the best of both worlds. Interview questions validated by IO Psychologists objectively identify qualified tech talent, fast.

White-Glove Candidate Experience

Wow your candidates with a white-glove interview experience led by a friendly, human interviewer in a state-of-the-art development environment.

Full-Service Technical Screens, Less Engineering Time Required

Your engineers will be thrilled to have time back when you let CodeSignal’s experts handle your tech screen process, start to finish.

Improve Speed to Hire for Senior-Level Roles

Companies receive tech screen results in a matter of hours, not days, after the interview. This means qualified candidates can advance to the next stage faster—a key to securing a “yes” from top talent.

Expert Live Interviewers

When a candidate enters a CodeSignal Tech Screen, they’ll be greeted by a friendly, real human who is trained to:

    • Deliver a first-class candidate experience
    • Provide consistent guidance to using the coding platform
    • Offer live support for platform questions

Validated and Predictive Technical Screens

Unlike other tech screening solutions, CodeSignal’s interview questions are developed by technical assessment experts and validated by our team of PhD IO Psychologists. This means that our questions are proven to reliably identify qualified candidates and minimize bias.

Advanced Coding Environment

Our Monaco-powered IDE is a thing of beauty. Its similarity to Visual Studio Code makes engineers feel at home instantly. Enjoy advanced features including:

    • Autocomplete
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Inline documentation on hover
    • Configurable settings and themes
    • Hotkeys, and much more!
Tech Screen IDE with Terminal

Enterprise Ready

The world’s biggest companies trust CodeSignal’s enterprise-grade platform

ATS Integration

Add assessments seamlessly into your hiring process directly in your ATS

Skills Evaluation Frameworks

Ensure high consistency and validity for all your Tech Screens

Predictive Coding Score

Measure implementation, speed, and problem-solving with validated Coding Score

Trustworthy Results

Let our professional interviewers handle results verification. Advance candidates to the on-site interview with confidence

Human-Led, Computer-Scored

Each interview is hosted by a friendly, expertly trained Interview Experience Manager for a first-class candidate experience without the human bias

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Rely on our expertise to ensure your success. From roll-out planning to user training, we've got your back


Manage users easily while ensuring secure and convenient logins with SSO (Single Sign On)

Multiple Languages Supported

Allow developer candidates to code in the language and framework of their (or your) choice, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Python 2, Python 3, Java, .NET and C++

Compliance, Security & Privacy Controls

Operate with robust security and privacy standards including GDPR and CCPA compliance

By the Numbers: Tech Screen Business Impact

A leading enterprise tech company determined that their engineering teams were spending too much time conducting phone screens and developing custom coding tasks, so they pivoted to a new approach: a structured technical screen built and maintained by CodeSignal to replace their traditional technical phone screen.

They have seen the following results within 3 months by replacing their technical phone screen with CodeSignal Tech Screen:


Percentage of candidates invited who completed the assessment


Hours saved, the annual equivalent of nearly 6 full-time engineers


Improvement in on-site to offer rate

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