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Go beyond the noise in technical hiring

With all the time and effort that goes into technical hiring, why is it still so hard to identify the right candidates? Learn what may be holding you back from making the engineering hires you need, with fewer resources.

To hire engineers more efficiently, you need a way to separate the signal from the noise

For too long, companies have spent too much time sifting through all the noise produced by traditional resumes, inconsistent interviews, and homegrown assessments—when all they really want to know is how well this person can do the job.

It’s time to go beyond the noise, and you need three things to do that:

Smarter questions

that are written by subject matter experts and validated by IO Psychologists.

Simpler process

that speeds your time to hire, frees up engineers’ time, improves the candidate experience, and results in better hires overall.

Stronger platform

that supports you (and candidates) at every step in the hiring process, plugs seamlessly into your ATS, and is supported by an industry-leading IDE that simulates real-world software development.

Only CodeSignal brings you this “smarter questions, simpler process, stronger platform” approach.

Finally, a process that goes #BeyondThat

CodeSignal empowers teams to hire the right technical talent with fewer resources by shortening time-to-hire, reducing engineering time (and cost) spent on recruiting, and enabling recruiting teams to do more with less.

Can’t ship your product on time because you’ve had to spend weeks preparing for and conducting interviews? Or, maybe you’re spending weeks writing assessment questions, only for them to be leaked within hours? And after all that—you still can’t tell if a candidate has the right skills because the interview is nothing like the actual work? Then it’s time to go beyond the noise.

Tech recruiting metrics Traditional process CodeSignal process
Recruiting stages
Engineer hours/hire
Recruiter hours/hire
Time to hire (days)
Cost per hire*

*Based on an engineer salary of $200/hr and recruiter salary of $50/hr

Tim Johnson

CodeSignal has been received very well by the product engineering team. We’ve tried multiple different solutions in this space, and [CodeSignal’s] interactivity, reliability, and language support has really helped us.

Tim Johnson

Engineering Manager at Greenhouse
Michael Leggett

By incorporating CodeSignal into our process and having a large number of folks opt into it, either passive candidates or applicants, we’re able to free up roughly 40 to 60 percent of our engineers’ time.

Michael Leggett

Tech Recruiter at Outreach
Nadia Abouzaid

Partnering with CodeSignal has helped us to manage a very high volume of interest from candidates in our process and quickly assess their technical acumen, without using a ton of engineering hours.

Nadia Abouzaid

Head of Diversity Talent Programs at Asana

See how other companies are going beyond the noise

Leading companies use CodeSignal

Learn the secrets to going beyond the noise

Free Guide

The 3 Secrets for Hiring Top Tech Talent: How to Go Beyond the Noise when Hiring Engineers

Technical hiring today is harder than it should be. Resource-strapped recruiting teams struggle to source qualified tech talent, engineers are spending too much time interviewing unqualified candidates, and candidates themselves are frustrated with cumbersome recruiting processes.

This guide will walk you through common pitfalls of technical evaluations in 3 key areas—process, questions, and platform—and the secrets to solving them to hire the exceptional tech talent your organization needs to thrive.

Webinar Series: Part 1

How to Optimize Your Tech Hiring Process with the Resources You've Got

Join us on April 5th for the first in a 3-part webinar series to learn how to optimize your technical hiring with the resources you’ve got.

In this webinar, CodeSignal’s Director of Recruiting, Ellen Markman, will share how you can create a simpler process that:

  • Ensures you’re not missing great candidates, without spending a ton of time on resume review
  • Streamlines the technical screen to maximize engineer productivity and reduce time-in-stage
  • Creates structure to prevent biases from creeping into live interviews
Webinar Series: Part 2

How to Optimize Your Tech Hiring Questions with the Resources You've Got

Join us on May 10th for the second installment of our 3-part webinar series and learn how to optimize your technical hiring questions. You’ll hear from CodeSignal’s Senior Assessment Research Manager, Frank Mu, PhD and Katie Fairbank, Director of Product Marketing who will share insights on:

  • The ways that the traditional approach to creating coding questions can go awry (and how this puts your company at risk)
  • The 5 most common problems with coding questions in pre-hire technical evaluations
  • Best practices for creating smarter tech hiring questions

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Download the guide now:

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