Introducing: Coding Score 2023 & more flexible Pre-Screens

Get a stronger signal of skill proficiency across all segments & roles

What's changing?

Coding score evolution: Coding Score 2023

  • Get a stronger signal of skill with a recalibrated coding score that ranges from 200-600 
  • Leverages a new two-tiered scoring system designed to minimize bias
  • Scoring range is consistent across all Skills Evaluation Frameworks and offers visibility into the proficiency of individual skills evaluated by each assessment

Wondering how it’s calculated?

More flexible Pre-Screens

  • Certify is now Pre-Screen, and no longer in the CodeSignal product. With this change, you can create multiple Pre-Screens backed by the same Skills Evaluation Framework
  • Deliver the right experience for your various regions, roles, and teams with flexible messaging, expiration windows, scoring thresholds, and more

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Automatic updates from CodeSignal

Historical Coding Score conversion: Historical Coding Scores will be converted to the new model, allowing for apples-to-apples comparisons for candidates in your pipeline. 

Certify content & configurations: We’ll port over all of your historical Certify content into Pre-Screen, including any configurations, such as email copy modifications, invitation expiration timing, labels, and more. All migrated assessments will say “[Migrated]” in the assessment title so you can be sure you’re using the correct version. 

Public link redirects: Any public links that were created for Certify assessments will now automatically feed into the new, migrated Pre-Screen assessments.

Action items to help you take full advantage of these changes

Align scoring thresholds to the new range

You’ll want to determine a new appropriate equivalent for your scoring thresholds/cut scores. 

We’ll automatically update your score range labels, but you may want to cross-check the historical score conversions and make adjustments. If you want to make a change, visit the article here to learn more about creating score range labels.

Spread the word internally

These changes bring minor impact to your users: they’ll need to ensure they’re selecting the correct assessment when sending invites to candidates, and they’ll want to make sure they’re making decisions based on the new scoring threshold. All migrated assessments will say “[Migrated]” in the assessment title, so they are easy to identify.

We’ve reached out to all CodeSignal admins to alert them of these changes, but you’ll want to let your other CodeSignal users know about the actions they’ll need to take. We’ve created a template to help you share the message.

Take advantage of new Pre-Screen functionality

You may want to create new Pre-Screens specific to segments such as: geography, team, or role. This can help you fine-tune various experiences and analyze results more easily.

Update your workflow, as needed

No action will be required for existing ATS integrations—simply select the new Pre-Screen assessment from your list of available options. The only exception is for customers using GraphQL or webhooks. We’ve provided how-to guides outlining what you’ll need to do when updating GraphQL and webhook integrations, but don’t hesitate to reach out to your CSM or [email protected] if you need assistance. 

Optionally, notify your candidates

CodeSignal will be providing candidates with in-app messaging to help them navigate the Coding Score transition. If you’d like to proactively reach out to candidates in your pipeline, you can leverage our email template.

Frequently asked questions

Coding Score 2023 is CodeSignal’s recalibrated scoring system for Skills Evaluation Frameworks. The CodeSignal assessment research team leveraged data points from hundreds of thousands of candidates to optimize our approach, ultimately delivering a stronger signal of skill and reducing bias. There are two components to Coding Score 2023:

  • Each assessment completion will result in a single Coding Score that is a comprehensive metric for quantifying a candidate’s overall skills. This is the data point you can use to determine if their skills are suitable for the job. This number will range from 200-600 as calculated by our new, recalibrated scoring mechanism.
  • Also, Coding Score 2023 gives you—and your candidates—insight into a candidate’s level of proficiency across the various skills each Skills Evaluation Framework measures. This can give you direction on where a candidate is strong, and inform candidates of areas where they may need more development.


Learn more about Coding Score 2023 and how to interpret results in the Knowledge Base article here.

This is an exciting change for candidates, too! The visibility you have into a candidate’s level of proficiency across individual skills will also be available to candidates. This can help candidates see areas where they’re strong, and areas where they may need more development. 

From a workflow perspective, there will be very little impact to candidates. In the Pre-Screen Center, candidates can access and complete all of the Pre-Screens they’ve been invited to take (whether backed by a Skills Evaluation Framework or not). Historical Certify scores will automatically be migrated to Coding Score 2023, and will be reshareable for any new Pre-Screen invitations (assuming score age/proctoring alignment). 

All candidates will be migrated to the new Skills Evaluation Framework cooldown system, and will have their cooldown period reset accordingly if they have a previous score.

Good news—proctoring will be available for all Pre-Screen assessments and will be highly recommended for all Pre-Screens that are backed by a Skills Evaluation Framework.

All Certify content and configurations (including proctoring enablement), will be automatically transferred to Pre-Screen.

It depends on the ATS, reach out to your CSM or [email protected] for more information. Where we are unable to push an update to the ATS, you’ll be able to download a CSV result of candidates’ historical data, so calibration and benchmarking can be done via this method.

We’ve prepared a guide to help you determine an approximate equivalent for your current cut score in the new Coding Score 2023 range. If you need further assistance, please contact your CSM or [email protected].

We’re confident that Coding Score 2023 is going to deliver a stronger signal to your organization. However, if you aren’t quite ready and need some time to transition, reach out to your CSM or [email protected] to discuss your options.

The vast majority of Certify and Test users will automatically be granted access to Pre-Screen with the same permissions they are currently given (ex: send invitations, view results, or both). However, there are two use cases where action may be required:

    1. If you are a Certify and Test customer and currently have roles that restrict access to Certify only, please update this role to have access to Test as well. After the transition, all users with this role will automatically have access to the consolidated Pre-Screen product.
    2. If you need to restrict access to legacy Certify assessments & data, please contact your CSM.