The most reliable technical interview & assessment platform on the market

Companies are switching to CodeSignal for a more accurate and fair evaluation of candidate skill, with fewer engineering hours required.

A true signal of a candidate’s technical skill

Unlike other solutions, CodeSignal’s interview questions are developed by technical assessment experts and validated by our team of PhD IO Psychologists.

This means that our questions are proven to reliably identify qualified candidates, even in high-volume hiring scenarios such as university recruiting.

With 1M+ variations of our skills evaluation frameworks, cheating from question leaks will be a concern of the past.

Interview Experience Manager CodeSignal Tech Screen

Minimize bias in the hiring process

CodeSignal takes a proactive approach to preventing biased interviews and assessments through a rigorous question design process and regular adverse impact analysis conducted by our dedicated research team. 

Remove interviewer bias from the hiring process with objective and accurate computer scoring.

Save thousands of engineering hours, improve speed-to-hire

Your engineers will be thrilled to have time back when you let CodeSignal’s experts handle creating and maintaining questions. 

Additionally, your team won’t be bogged down by interviews with unqualified candidates.

A platform that delivers on its promises

Capabilties Others
Research-backed questions validated by IO Psychologists
Auto-scored coding questions to reduce interviewer bias
Skills evaluation frameworks to minimize the risk of leaked questions without compromising validity or fairness
Rapid post-interview candidate evaluation
Predictive, research-backed Coding Score
Full service interview options with friendly human interviewers
Advanced IDE with auto-complete & integrated terminal
Multiple language and framework support
Comprehensive replay, including a timeline of when candidates run & submit code
Proctoring and ID verification for certified assessments
Plagiarism check

Don’t just take our word for it

Using CodeSignal for assessments and interviews has helped us scale and mature our engineering interview process. CodeSignal has really helped to standardize the initial candidate experience, centralize our company’s technical interview questions, and provide a secure data point for later reference on each candidate’s technical ability.

Kaitlin T. | TA Operations Manager @ Postmates

Top employers of tech talent trust CodeSignal

See the CodeSignal difference for yourself

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