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“Using CodeSignal for both pre-interview assessments and interviews has helped us scale and mature our engineering interview process. CodeSignal has really helped to standardize the initial candidate experience, centralize our company's technical interview questions, and provide a secure data point for later reference on each candidate's technical ability.”

Kaitlin T.
TA Operations Manager, Postmates

Skills evaluations for top roles, at all stages of the hiring process

At CodeSignal, skills evaluation frameworks are at the core of our products and align to a variety of roles. Unlike CoderPad’s “take-homes”, CodeSignal’s questions are backed by research built by experts.

Our skills evaluation frameworks can be leveraged throughout the technical hiring process, from pre-screen to technical phone screen to on-site interviews.

Pre-built questions/tasks
Predictive Coding Score
Validated pre-built assessments
Professional content team
Shareable coding report
Proctoring and ID verification for certified assessments
Plagiarism check

Save prep time with pre-built questions

CodeSignal maintains a task library populated with over 2,000 pre-built questions that hiring teams can use in asynchronous or live interview sessions.

CoderPad provides a bare-bones task library consisting of just a few example tasks for use during live interviews.

Reduce bias with structured interviews

Ensure interview consistency across candidates and teams with CodeSignal templates. Build custom templates tailored to specific roles, choosing from thousands of pre-built or custom tasks.

With CoderPad, interviewers are limited to “free-coding” mode.

Make the switch without skipping a beat

The most advanced features on the market

Every programmer has their favorite development environment. Rather than sending them to one tool for screening and another for the technical interview, allow them to show off their skills at any stage in the recruiting funnel in CodeSignal: the cloud IDE that feels just like developing locally.

Programming languages supported
Library of pre-built questions/tasks
Predictive Coding Score
Advanced IDE with fully supported auto-complete
Dynamic live preview for frontend & mobile tasks in IDE
Integrated terminal
Comprehensive replay, including a timeline of when candidates run & submit code
Support for building full-stack applications
Templates & test review for structured interviews

Don’t just take our word for it

“[CodeSignal’s] live collaborative editing is super helpful for us. When we’re on the phone with a candidate going through the exercise, we can go in there and help them if they’re getting stuck with certain pieces... it really lets the candidate understand that we’re here to help them get through the exercise.”

Tim Johnson
Director of Engineering, Greenhouse

See the CodeSignal difference for yourself.

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