CodeSignal Talent Story: Marcus Currie + Evernote

What does it take to go from being an industry outsider to becoming a software engineer at one of the best-known companies in Silicon Valley?

Marcus Currie started using CodeSignal because he wanted a platform that would help him prepare for technical interviews. He ended up with much more than that! With CodeSignal, Marcus leveled up his programming skills, connected with several high profile companies, and ended up with his dream job.

Catching the software development bug

Marcus Currie majored in electrical engineering in school. Afterwards, he worked for the Department of Defense as a physical design engineer. He started to learn web development after college. (He wanted to create an online Dominion game that he and his friends could play!) As he learned more and built his app, Marcus realized that he wanted to pursue software development as a career.

He taught himself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, among other skills, but he knew there were gaps in his knowledge – especially when it came to computer science basics. He was applying to jobs, but was finding it hard to get traction since he didn’t have a “traditional” background. Without a computer science degree and without any industry experience, most recruiters were just bypassing his resume.  

Breaking into Silicon Valley

Marcus needed a way to level the playing field. He started searching for a platform that could help him prepare for software engineering interviews by filling in those gaps. (Think algorithms and data structures that get taught in computer science programs, but aren’t commonly used outside of school.) He found an ad for CodeSignal on Facebook and signed up. It ended up being exactly the boost he needed!

He used Interview Practice to learn and practice essential computer science topics that he knew would come up in technical interviews. Once he felt prepared, he signed up for CodeSignal Jobs. The CodeSignal team connected him with recruiters from multiple Silicon Valley companies, and he ended up going onsite for interviews with three of them. It wasn’t long before he got an offer to come work for Evernote as a software engineer. Evernote met all of his requirements for a dream job – interesting work, products he already used, and a great company culture. He accepted Evernote’s offer and moved to the Bay Area. Now he and his new co-workers enjoy playing Dominion together at lunch!

CodeSignal was integral in getting Marcus prepared for technical interviews, connecting him with recruiters at awesome companies, and transitioning him into the next exciting phase of his career.

Join the skills-based revolution!

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