Beautiful JavaScript Winner Code Walkthrough

boomx's Beautiful JavaScript Solution

“It’s rewarding. It feels good to come up with a solution, and just to in general practice how you approach solving problems.”

– Beautiful JavaScript winner boomx on CodeSignal

The CodeSignal Beautiful JavaScript contest wrapped up a few weeks ago, and the winners were CodeFighters boomx, arnav_a2, and marcusekeenan. Each of them won a trip to San Francisco and three nights at a hotel downtown. We recently had the first of our winners visit us!

boomx is a software developer in North Carolina. Earlier this year, he went to a conference where a presenter talked about how important it is for programmers to stay sharp by practicing outside of work. One of boomx’s coworkers mentioned that CodeSignal is his favorite site for practicing programming, so he signed up to try it too. boomx solved a few challenges here and there, but really got into the site once he saw the Beautiful JavaScript challenge. Now he tries to solve the daily Challenge as often as he can to keep his skills sharp!

We had a great time hosting him at CodeSignal HQ. Our Engineering team really enjoyed getting to talk with him about his solution, coding in general, and of course JavaScript!

Beautiful JavaScript Winner boomx
Oh, you know, just casually pointing at a contest winner.

During his visit, he was kind enough to give us a great walkthrough of his solution. He started by talking about his original naive solution, and then about how he optimized it. It’s really interesting to see the code’s evolution from its (still great!) beginnings to the expressive, readable, and concise solution that you can see at solution #191. Watch his explanation below!

Thanks, boomx!

We’ll post the next two solutions when our other winners visit us later this year, so stay tuned!

Beautiful JavaScript Contest Winners

Beautiful JavaScript Challenge

The Beautiful JavaScript contest was an amazing event. We got over 500 solutions from our awesome CodeFighter community! It ended up being really hard to narrow our list of favorites down to just three. But after a lot of thought, our judges have chosen the three that they think are the most expressive, readable, and concise – in other words, the most beautiful – as our winners.

The winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Beautiful JavaScript contest! Each of these CodeFighters has won a three-day trip to San Francisco, and will get to come nerd out with us about JavaScript at CodeSignal HQ.

See the winner’s solutions section of this post for their full solutions to the challenge secretArchivesLock! We’re going to be posting an in-depth explanation of each winner’s solution, in the winner’s own words, so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks.

Honorable mentions

We also want to acknowledge the following CodeFighters with an honorable mention and a CodeSignal gift box!

  • ben_s24: This CodeFighter’s solution was a crowd favorite – commenters on the challenge really liked his solution!
  • hydralisk: Not only did this CodeFighter have a great solution to the challenge, he also reviewed all of the solutions to compile his own list of favorites.
  • jeff_b36: This CodeFighter created an awesome website to help visualize the challenge.

The winner’s solutions

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the winner’s solutions!

arnav_a2’s solution

arnav_a2's Beautiful Javascript Solution

boomx’s solution

boomx's Beautiful JavaScript Solution

marcusekeenan’s solution

marcusekeenan's Beautiful JavaScript Solution

Congratulations to our winners! And everyone who submitted a solution, great work! We really enjoyed reading through all of the creative solutions that you all came up with.

Tell us…

Did you have a favorite solution that didn’t end up being a winner or an honorable mention? Let us know over on the CodeSignal Forum!

Join the Beautiful JavaScript Challenge!

Beautiful JavaScript Challenge

Check out the Beautiful JavaScript challenge on CodeSignal! You must submit your solution by noon on July 26. See the Official Rules at the end of this post for more details.

At CodeSignal, we heart JavaScript. A lot. In fact, we love it so much that our whole stack, front-end and back-end, is JavaScript. Node + React + Meteor FTW!

We know we’re not the only ones who feel this way, and we want to share the JavaScript love. That’s why we’re launching our first-ever Beautiful JavaScript challenge today!

Think of this challenge as a beauty pageant for code. Write your solution in the most elegant JavaScript you can, polish it up, then click Submit. Our panel of judges, the senior engineers here at CodeSignal, will be looking for code that’s expressive, readable, and concise. They’re going to choose the three most beautiful solutions to this challenge as the winners!

If you win, you’ll receive an all-inclusive trip to San Francisco, including a round-trip ticket from any city in the U.S. and three nights at a hotel downtown. And of course you’ll get to come hang out with us at CodeSignal HQ and nerd out about all things JavaScript and CodeSignal!

Excited yet? Yeah, so are we! We can’t wait to see the great solutions that you come up with. Join the Beautiful JavaScript challenge on CodeSignal!

Official rules for Beautiful JavaScript:

  • All CodeFighters can solve this challenge, but only people in the U.S. are eligible to win.
  • You must write your solution in JavaScript, obviously!
  • Your solution must be submitted before the contest closes at 12:00 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, July 26.
  • The three winners will be notified by email and their names will be posted on the CodeSignal forum by 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Friday, July 28.