How much is your technical hiring costing you?

Verkada’s High-Growth Hiring is Powered by CodeSignal

Verkada CodeSignal Customer Story

Verkada, a cloud video surveillance company, has grown from 80 employees to over 250 in the last year. This explosive growth required them to rethink how they were hiring, especially their technical recruiting. 

Before using CodeSignal, they would manually review thousands of resumes per position and send out technical take-home tests to about 20% of candidates – based on the limited information found in candidates’ resumes. This tedious and time-consuming process for both Verkada and candidates actually deterred candidates from moving through the hiring process as take-home tests take too much time.

They needed to shake up their technical recruiting process. That’s when they found CodeSignal. 

They completely flipped their hiring funnel on its head and stopped looking at resumes as the first step of the hiring process. Instead, they started to send out our customizable assessments to every candidate – from new graduates to high-level senior engineers. Based on their Coding Score and the threshold they set for each position, candidates were automatically moved forward in the process if they passed. 

Verkada gets up to 1,000 applicants per position. Watch this video to see how CodeSignal has helped them scale their hiring process with ease while being able to keep up with their growing needs.

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