How much is your technical hiring costing you?

TripActions’ Supersonic Growth Starts with CodeSignal

Customer Story_TripActions

TripActions, a corporate travel management platform, has rapidly grown to over 900 employees since its founding in 2015. To grow a team at this supersonic speed year over year without compromising the quality of new hires, TripActions sought a new way to attract and evaluate its technical candidates. 

In particular, TripActions set out to create a world-class university recruiting program to bring in exceptional talent who can grow with the company. With its growing popularity as an employer who received thousands of applicants for each open position, TripActions found its existing process to be too time-consuming and manual. They needed a systematic and effective way to sort through the noise and find the top technical talent. 

That’s when they found CodeSignal. With CodeSignal, they were able to put the Certified Coding Assessment as the very first step after someone submitted an application. Through our Greenhouse ATS integration, candidates are now automatically sent the assessment and scores are updated automatically in Greenhouse. If a candidate meets the minimum technical threshold, they are invited to the next step of the interview process. This automated assessment process for technical recruiting saved hundreds and thousands of hours for both recruiting and engineering team members. Moreover, the accuracy of the test results helped TripActions to make data-driven decisions on their hiring process with confidence. 

CodeSignal helped TripActions establish a robust process to evaluate and hire technical talent at scale.

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