How much is your technical hiring costing you?

Robinhood Revs Up Recruiting with CodeSignal

How Robinhood Powered Its Growth with CodeSignal cover image

Robinhood is a leading investment platform that is on a mission to democratize finance for all. In 2019, the company was growing fast. They were looking to quickly scale their talent acquisition process – without
compromising the candidate experience.

Robinhood implemented CodeSignal Certify, Test, and Interview at all stages of their technical hiring process. At the top of the funnel, recruiters quickly and objectively identify top talent with Certify, reducing bias by eliminating the need for resume screenings. For more senior positions, engineers use Test to create consistent, role-specific assessments. Later in the hiring process, the team uses Interview for conducting virtual on-site interviews, creating a seamless candidate experience.

With CodeSignal, Robinhood was able to reduce its time-to-hire, maintain consistent hiring experience, and minimize hiring bias while adding hundreds to its team in the last two years. 

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