How much is your technical hiring costing you?

RedRoute Revamped Its Technical Hiring With CodeSignal’s Assessments

How RedRoute uses fair talent evaluations.

RedRoute, a voice technology company, was founded out of Cornell University’s eLab Program. They’ve seen rapid growth since their founding in 2016, with a majority of their team being technical. 

Before implementing CodeSignal, RedRoute relied on subjective resume reviews, which caused the team to doubt every decision they made. They didn’t have the time to be on the phone with every candidate, so they had to rely on proxies like previous employers and the coding languages a candidate already knew. 

RedRoute has now implemented technical skill assessments when hiring everyone from interns to experienced candidates. CodeSignal worked with RedRoute to create a series of tests that are designed to measure the skills and abilities necessary for the job. They also love that CodeSignal supports a wide range of programming languages, allowing candidates to choose their preferred languages to demonstrate the best of their abilities.

Overall, CodeSignal has saved the recruiting and engineering team seventy percent of the time they used to spend doing resume reviews and early-stage phone interviews. Over half of their engineering team was hired after implementing CodeSignal and they’re beyond excited to have moved beyond resumes.

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