How much is your technical hiring costing you?

Outreach Outperforms Technical Recruiting Goals Thanks to CodeSignal

Outreach, a fast-growing sales engagement platform, is on a mission to deliver products that enable sales teams to improve their productivity. In 2019, they had a goal to grow their engineering team by 3x – which means they needed to be able to fill their recruiting funnel with top-quality candidates.

Before implementing CodeSignal, Outreach replied on the  common proxies of skills such as previous employers and years of experience. However, this approach lead to a lot of noise and a lack of diversity of thought and backgrounds at the organization. To hit their lofty hiring goals, they knew they needed to find a new solution. 

After implementing CodeSignal, the recruitment and engineering teams immediately saw immense improvements. Outreach works hand-in-hand with the CodeSignal test design team to iterate and come up with objective and unbiased assessments. They were able to open up the very top of the funnel to candidates of all backgrounds – including those candidates who don’t fit the traditional education or career path. By implementing custom technical skill assessments at the very top of the funnel, they were able to filter through the noise to identify the best candidates for building the Outreach platform. 

Additionally, they freed up their engineers’ time throughout the hiring process by up to 60%! That means more time building their platform and less time in technical interviews – which saves high-growth teams thousands of dollars and hours. 

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