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Cohesity Goes Beyond Resumes in Technical Recruiting with CodeSignal

Cohesity CodeSignal Customer Story

Cohesity is a distinguished secondary storage company that currently employs over 1,300 individuals, including over 400 engineers. Like many Unicorn companies, it has been in the hyper-growth stage and increased its employee count by many folds to power its growth.

Over the last year of using CodeSignal, the entire recruiting team at Cohesity has seen tremendous benefits including improving the candidate experience, reducing time spent screening candidates, being able to cast a wider net and capture more candidates, and, most importantly, being able to give all candidates a fair chance. 

“Once a candidate passes or gets a certain score on a CodeSignal test, you know that they’re going to be top-tier candidates,” said Chanel Perrone, who spearheads the University Recruiting program at Cohesity.

Not only do recruiters love CodeSignal, but hiring managers do too. They’re able to ensure that the candidate is not plagiarizing by finding answers online or having someone else take the test. Beyond this, they have full playback options to review the coding assessment if they have questions about how a certain candidate performed.

They’re going beyond resumes from university recruiting to their most senior positions! 

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