Meet the CodeSignal Community

CodeSignal Recruiter customers have access to a very special group of engineering candidates: the CodeSignal community. These people are developers who sign up for CodeSignal as a way to prepare for technical interviews, level up their programming skills, and tackle fun coding challenges.

And when they’re ready to find new jobs, they sign up for CodeSignal Jobs. The CodeSignal Jobs program helps us connect CodeSignal users with the right opportunities at our CodeSignal Recruiter partner companies!

How do CodeSignal Recruiter and CodeSignal Jobs work together?

As our users solve coding tasks on CodeSignal, the system uses machine learning to quantify their skills and knowledge of different programming topics, based on the code they’re writing. The CodeSignal Recruiter matchmaking algorithm uses this information to match CodeSignal Jobs participants with open roles at our partner companies. On average these candidates solved 84 coding challenges, and since these CodeFighters have already proven their technical skills, we feel very confident that we’re only recommending top talent to our CodeSignal Recruiter customers.

This system benefits both companies and engineers. For the engineers who use CodeSignal, CodeSignal Jobs simplifies the job search process and helps those with non-traditional backgrounds make connections in the industry. And for companies, the benefits are clear too:

  • Since CodeSignal is sending qualified candidates to you based on the skills required for your open roles, the time your recruiting team has to spend sourcing engineers is reduced or eliminated.
  • All CodeSignal candidates are pre-screened (and again, have solved an average of 84 coding challenges so that’s very deep data set), so you know they have the skills you need. You can rest easy knowing your engineering team won’t waste time interviewing unqualified candidates.
  • CodeSignal Recruiter surfaces non-traditional “hidden gem” candidates, meaning you get access to qualified talent you might not have discovered with conventional sourcing methods.

The engineers that we have hired from CodeSignal are incredibly strong.  Try it. There’s really nothing that you have to lose and you only have a bunch of incredible candidates to gain.
— Megan Stern, Technical Recruiter,

Who are the CodeSignal Jobs applicants?

CodeSignal has almost one million users from all over the world, of all ages and experience levels. And the users who sign up for CodeSignal Jobs are an especially talented bunch! CodeSignal Jobs applicants* are primarily located in the United States, with users in every major metro area. They have a broad range of specialties and experience levels. And they’ve all explicitly indicated that they’re interested in finding new opportunities, so you never have to worry that you’re reaching out to someone who’s not actually looking for a new job!

* Applicant data for this article is based on users who have signed up for CodeSignal Jobs in the last three months.

Domestic vs international candidates

66% of our applicants are from the United States, while the rest are international. (This doesn’t mean that we can’t work with companies outside the US, though! We work closely with several companies in different countries, and are able to provide them with the skilled candidates they need.)

United States: Top 10 states breakdown

Of the applicants in the US, there’s a wide geographical distribution in the top 10 represented states!

  1. California – 35%
  2. New York – 13%
  3. Texas – 11%
  4. Washington – 8%
  5. Illinois – 7%
  6. Florida – 6%
  7. Massachusetts – 6%
  8. New Jersey – 5%
  9. Georgia – 5%
  10. Colorado – 4%

United States: Top 10 metro market breakdown

We have developers in every major metro area in the U.S., but for simplicity’s sake we’re focusing on the 10 largest areas here:

  1. San Francisco Bay Area – 25%
  2. New York City – 18%
  3. Seattle – 10%
  4. Los Angeles – 9%
  5. Chicago – 8%
  6. Atlanta – 7%
  7. Boston – 7%
  8. Austin – 6%
  9. Houston – 5%
  10. Dallas – 4%   

CodeSignal users by US metro area

Breakdown by experience level

CodeSignal Jobs users come from a wide range of experience:

  • 1-2 years of experience – 29%
  • 3-5 years of experience – 21%
  • 6-9 years of experience – 8%
  • 10+ years of experience – 15%

Breakdown by engineering specialty (with 3+ years experience)

The members of the CodeSignal community with 3+ years experience have a broad range of specialties:

  • Full stack developers – 38%
  • Backend developers – 32%
  • Frontend/UI developers – 15%
  • Mobile developers – 10%
  • Other (embedded, DevOps, database, network, and security engineers) – 5%


Breakdown by language (with 3+ years experience)

Over 2/3 of the members of the CodeSignal community with 3+ years experience use a modern tech stack:

  • Javascript – 38%
  • Java – 20%
  • Python – 16%
  • C# – 10%
  • C++ – 6%
  • Other (PHP, Ruby, Swift) – 10%


CodeSignal Recruiter Source streamlines your recruiting process by ensuring that you only see qualified candidates for all your open roles. We talk a lot about how smart, skilled, and diverse the CodeSignal community is. And we’d love for you to meet them! You’ll save time sourcing since CodeSignal Recruiter brings great candidates right to you, and since your hiring team will only be interviewing qualified candidates, your time to hire will start shrinking.

Sign up for a free demo or attend a webinar and see how CodeSignal Recruiter can transform your technical recruiting process!

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