Hello World! Introducing Language Syntax Tips

Ever wondered how to say Hello world in 38 different programming languages? CodeSignal has you covered!

We just launched Syntax Tips, a brand-new feature in all of our coding tasks and challenges that gives you important information about how to format code in every programming language that our platform supports.

It can be hard to remember how to format a function, write a comment, print to the console, or return output in a specific language. This is especially true if you’re just learning the language, or if it’s one that you don’t use very frequently. So this is going to come in very handy!

Hello world

Gif of all supported programming languages on CodeSignal
Hello world in 38 languages!

Think of Syntax Tips as your own personal Rosetta Stone for programming languages. To see tips for a particular language, just choose that language from the dropdown menu at the top right side of the code editor. (This is also how you change the language that you’re writing in to solve a task.)

Hello world in JavaScript

You do not need to do anything different to access Syntax Tips. This section is now at the bottom of every coding task’s description section, no matter which CodeSignal mode you’re using.

Just as a reminder, CodeSignal now supports 38 different programming languages: ClojureCoffeeScript, Common Lisp, C, C++, C#, D, Dart, Elixir, Erlang, Free Pascal, Fortran, F#GoGroovyHaskellJavaJavaScript / ES6JuliaKotlinLuaNimObjective-COCamlGNU OctavePerlPHPPython 2Python 3RRubyRustScalaSmalltalkSwift 3TclTypeScript, and Visual Basic.

If your favorite language isn’t on this list yet, don’t worry. Because we know how important it is for you to be able to practice programming in the language of your choice, we add new language support to CodeSignal all the time. (Seems like just yesterday that we only had 14 languages, and look at us now!)

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What you you think of Syntax Tips? Let us know over on the CodeSignal user forum!

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