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Have you been using our Interview Practice module to prepare for technical interviews? If not, you definitely should be!

Interview Practice has over 100 questions that get asked by top companies during real interviews. (Which companies, you ask? Oh, you know. Just lil’ companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and more.) The topics are ones that you’ll definitely encounter – coding patterns, algorithms, and data structures. You need to be strong these topics in order to do well in technical interviews, whether you’re a junior developer or have been in the field for years.

We’re adding more questions on more topics from more companies all the time, so you’re not going to run out of questions any time soon. In fact, it can be a little bit overwhelming – which challenge should you tackle first? A general rule of thumb is to choose questions based on where you’re interviewing and on topics that you need to study.

Where you’re interviewing

Interviewing at Facebook? Then it’s a given that you should practice using the Facebook Interview Practice questions!

But if we don’t have questions from the company that you’re interviewing with, use the resources at your disposal to find out what sort of questions typically get asked during their interviews. Glassdoor often has this kind of info, so it’s a good place to start researching. And leverage your professional network! Do you know anyone who’s interviewed at (or worked for) the company? Reach out to them and get the inside scoop.

Topics that you need to study

The list of things that you need to study will be largely informed by the research that you’ve done about the company you’re interviewing with. If you know that a company is likely to ask you questions about graph traversal, you can start working on graph traversal interview questions to prepare.

This is an instance in which knowing and being honest with yourself about your skills is critical too. For example, you may have known basic data structures inside and out as a computer science undergraduate. But if you’ve been working as a front-end developer for the past two years you might be a little rusty. Time to start practicing!

Studying != cheating

It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be asked the exact same questions that we have here in Interview Practice or that are listed on Glassdoor. But researching questions that have been asked in the past is just plain smart, and a great way to set yourself up for success. The goal here isn’t to memorize the answers to a narrow set of questions. You’re not cheating! And really, even if that was your goal, interviewers pick up on that sort of thing really quickly. Rather, the goal is to be as prepared as possible for your interview.

Task of the Week

If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest that you tackle the Interview Practice Task of the Week! Every week, CodeSignal content engineers select a new challenge to feature. They choose these interview questions because they’re tough ones that will get you into an interviewing mindset. Once you’ve solved the challenge, check out other CodeFighter’s solutions. It can be extremely instructive to see how other people have solved the same problem. Speaking of which…

CodeSignal Explains It

Every Thursday, our content engineer Damien Martin writes a CodeSignal Explains It editorial that breaks down how to solve the past week’s Task of the Week. He also tackles issues that are likely to come up during an interview. (Think optimizing your solution and working with interviewer-imposed restraints.) Make sure that you’re reading this series every week! It’s a great supplement to your interview preparation routine.

Tell us…

Have you solved an Interview Practice Task of the Week yet? How are you fitting Interview Practice (and CodeSignal in general) into your interview preparation? Let us know over on the CodeSignal forum!

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