How to Free Up More Time When Recruiting Developers

How to Free Up More Time When Recruiting Developers

You look up from your desk, and it’s already 6:38 pm.

Another busy day has drawn to a close, but what do you have to show for it? Despite reaching out to dozens of seemingly qualified engineers, only a handful have expressed marginal interest in your Full Stack developer position. As you know all too well, these days hiring programmers is not for the faint of heart. If you want to find the right technical talent, you’ll just need to try even harder tomorrow — right?

Here’s the obvious problem: You’re already working as hard as you possibly can. There’s only so many outreach emails and LinkedIn messages you can send per day. Recruiting takes time, and time is constant.

Although you can’t slow down time, there are certain strategies you can take to identify talent more efficiently. Let’s explore how.

Traditional Sourcing Consumes Way Too Much Time

What is it about your current recruiting model that demands so much of your time? There are of course many variables to consider, but the following issues can be particularly time consuming:

Low, Low Response Rates: The reality is that most software engineers are already happily employed. Sure, they’d be willing to talk if the money and situation were right. Unfortunately, you don’t have the authority to openly discuss compensation, much less promise to double what they’re currently making. Instead, you’re tasked with making a somewhat generic job posting sound compelling — without revealing too much information. For all of these reasons, low response rates are commonplace in tech recruiting.

Copy, Paste, Repeat: With such a low response rate, you have no choice but to reach out to as many candidates as possible. Your ATS system makes this a little easier, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of recruits do not reside within your ATS, which means you’ll have to engage them one by one (usually by sending LinkedIn messages). You’ve got this down to a science, but it still takes several minutes to review each candidate’s profile, create a new message, copy and paste from your template, personalize the greeting, hit send, and update your ATS. If you did this all day, you might be lucky to connect with 50 or 100 applicants.

Developers Work Weird Hours: In today’s world of virtual companies and remote teams, it’s not uncommon for developers to work late into the night. Unless you happen to be working beyond the normal 8-to-5 schedule, connecting with a developer in real time can be challenging.

Coordinating Interviews is a Chore: Even when you’re successful in connecting with an interested engineer, you then have the chore of managing the interview process. Coordinating internal calendars, preparing slates of questions, organizing conference calls, and administering assessments are just a few of the steps you’ll go through. The back-and-forth necessary for even a single applicant can consume several hours of your time — time you’d otherwise be dedicating to inviting more candidates.

Leveraging the Efficiency of Skills-Based Recruiting

To help recruiters like you free up more hours in the day, our team at CodeSignal is shaking up the staffing industry through the power of skills-based recruiting. Unlike traditional recruiting that targets passive candidates through tremendous manual effort, the CodeSignal Recruiter platform starts with a network of pre-qualified developers who are actively exploring new opportunities. Our proprietary sourcing algorithm serves up a sorted list of matched talent, based on skills alignment with your needs. Our talent managers verify the skills-based matching and ensure that candidates are right for your company.  For example, if you’re company is a startup and the candidate wants to work for an enterprise company, then that particular candidate would not be a match for your company even though they may have the skill set and experience that your role requires.

CodeSignal also simplifies your interviewing process. Our interface is custom-tailored for hiring programmers, delivering a one-stop solution for hosting and recording interviews, posing coding questions or tasks (in 40 different programming languages), comparing candidates on a level playing field, and saving all the data so you can make more informed hiring decisions.

In short, by starting with a pool of pre-qualified, available candidates in a coding-friendly ecosystem, technical recruiters can expect much better results (as compared to passive recruiting models). In fact, our customers report 5 times greater response rates and, in many cases, onsite-to-offer rates are twice that of traditional recruiting models.

Give Yourself a Much-Needed Break

There are only so many hours in the workday. Unless you want to work more hours, it might be time to give skills-based recruiting a try. Click here to learn more about supplementing your current recruiting with a skills-based option. Or, to see a product demo register for a webinar.

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