Developer Success Story: Marcus Currie at Evernote

“Anything is possible, given the right amount of time and motivation.” – Marcus Currie, Software Engineer at Evernote

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For Marcus Currie, time and motivation have never been an issue. The real challenge was getting recruiters to take him seriously despite his lack of real-world programming experience.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Marcus transitioned from coding hobbyist to a full-time developer at Evernote.

Card Game Sparks Interest in Computer Science

Shortly after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Marcus joined the Department of Defense to work as a physical design engineer. During this time, Marcus’ college friends began to move away and start their own careers in other parts of the country. Although the group of friends remained closely connected, it became impossible to play their favorite card game, Dominion.

“As people started to move away, I had the idea to build a web app that would allow us to continue playing the game,” Currie said. “I didn’t know anything about web development, HTML, CSS, or Javascript, so I had to learn those skills.”

Driven to achieve his goal, Marcus began studying the basics of computer programming. And, within an impressive two-week period, he was able to complete the app. Once again, his friends could get back to playing the game they loved – regardless of where they were physically located.

CodeSignal Opens the Door to Evernote

By building the card game app, Marcus came to realize his passion for web development. Although a computer programming career seemed appealing, Marcus lacked the real-world experience that most employers look for.

“I started applying to different companies, but I wasn’t getting the responses that I had hoped for – and it was pretty obvious why,” Currie said. “I was a hardware guy applying for web development roles with no professional or industry experience.” Marcus had the raw talent to become a top-tier developer, but he needed a way to refine his skills and demonstrate his abilities to potential employers.

That’s where CodeSignal came into the picture.

“I went through CodeSignal’s interview practice mode, learned a bit more about computer science, and then applied those concepts by working on practice interview problems,” Currie said. “After that, I took their skills test and did really well on it.”

Marcus’ strong assessment resulted in an exceptional Coding ScoreTM, which helped him attract attention from recruiters at several well-known tech companies – including Evernote. Evernote soon came through with an offer, and Marcus moved westward to embark on an exciting career in Silicon Valley.

New Friendships, Common Interests

It didn’t take long for Marcus to feel right at home at Evernote. In fact, many of his closest friends are coworkers who also play the Dominion card game.

“During my interviews, most of my interviewers mentioned that they had visited my site and played,” Currie said. “They were really impressed with the project.”

No doubt, Marcus’ story has come full circle.

Anything is Possible

Interested in a computer science career but not sure what to do next? Perhaps it’s time to follow Marcus Currie’s lead by signing up for your free CodeSignal account. Practice your skills, participate in coding challenges, and get your Coding ScoreTM today.

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