Certified Coding Assessments

Scale your hiring pipeline with proctored assessments and get the skills insight to make objective candidate decisions

Make Data-driven Decisions at Scale

Let your candidates show off their skills through real-world coding assessments

Increase Interview-to-Hire Ratio

Anticipate a candidate's technical interview performance even before introducing them to your hiring managers

Find Better Candidates Faster

Send Certified Assessments to your entire candidate pipeline and quickly identify top candidates and focus on the best talent

Diversify Your Team

Use objective skills-based assessments to make unbiased hiring decisions and truly diversify your engineering team

Proctored Coding Assessments

A turnkey solution for assessing high volume candidate pipelines quickly and effectively

End-to-End Testing Solution

We handle everything from question design, to test delivery, to results analysis; leaving you time to focus on your best talent

Certified and Proctored

Our ID verification, plagiarism technology, and human review process ensures that Coding Reports and Assessment Results indicate a candidate’s true skills

Fast and Scalable Results

Instantly send coding assessments to your entire candidate pipeline and start evaluating applicants based on their skills; not just their resume

See How CodeSignal Certify Can Help Scale Your Team

No matter your recruiting needs, CodeSignal can help you uncover the best engineering talent

New Graduate Hiring Managers

Quickly filter through your new graduate pipeline by having candidates complete Certified Assessments as the first step of their application process.

Recruiting Managers

Not all junior engineers are created equal. Give your candidates the opportunity to show off their skills instead of trying to infer their abilities from a resume.

Engineering Leaders

Scale and diversify your engineering team by quickly filtering candidates by their coding skill, not just their resumes even before on-site interviews.

University and Bootcamp Educators

Increase graduate employment rankings by assessing student skills throughout the program to help them build their Certified Coding Report and ensure that they stand out in the job market.

Features to Scale Recruiting Efficiently

Enterprise-ready features mean you can launch campus recruiting without soaring HR costs

Certified Proctored Assessments

Online proctored with ID verification, session recordings, and plagiarism checks

Predictive Coding Score

Measure overall implementation and problem-solving ability

Advanced Coding Environment

Real-world IDE with file structures, code console, autocomplete, etc.

AI-Powered Plagiarism Checks

Catch anyone who's trying to game the system

Live Session Recording

Share recorded replays of assessments with the entire hiring team

ATS Integration

Add assessments seamlessly into your hiring process directly in your ATS

Report Sharing

Share Coding Reports and Assessment Results via a link or PDF

Interview Feedback

Share candidate profiles and collect feedback from the hiring team

Candidate Feedback

Collect feedback on assessments and improve candidate experience

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of companies have already scaled their hiring process with CodeSignal.

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