CodeSignal Customer Stories:


“The engineers that we have hired from CodeSignal are incredibly strong.  Try it. There’s really nothing that you have to lose and you only have a bunch of incredible candidates to gain.”
— Megan Stern, Technical Recruiter,

Traditional resume-based recruiting delivering unqualified candidates develops big data analytic solutions and has an extremely high technical bar for their engineering team.  Megan started at Ascend when the company was just five people and was hired to build out a strong engineering team.  Megan found that with traditional resume-based recruiting, candidates were passing the initial tests but were failing the onsite interviews.   She was investing a tremendous amount of time on a process that wasn’t working.

Skills-based recruiting delivers qualified candidates
Megan was looking for a recruiting solution that could give her more information on a candidate’s skills.pivoted her recruiting process to focus on skills-based recruiting because it could give her team greater insight into a candidate’s technical skills.  When Megan is interested in hiring a candidate from CodeSignal she looks at the candidate’s score on CodeSignal to give her an ideas of the candidate’s technical skills.  In addition, the CodeSignal integration with Lever helped create a smooth implementation process.  To date, has hired 7 engineers from the CodeSignal Community, and recently hired a candidate in just two weeks.  

Hiring Quality Technical Talent
With over 10+ years of full stack engineering experience, Oliver Hu is a seasoned engineer.  He was looking for new position and came across Codefights.  He signed up for CodeSignal because he thought it was a good resource to help him prepare for his upcoming technical interviews.  He found the CodeSignal experience to be “easy and fun”. While working on CodeSignal, he indicated that he was open to a new role and was contacted by a CodeSignal Talent Success Manager.  Through CodeSignal, Oliver was presented to multiple companies and chose to work with Ascend because “I was so impressed with the company”.

Ready to see how CodeSignal can help you grow your engineering team? Sign up for a free demo. Our team will walk you through the ways that the CodeSignal Recruiter skills-based model can help you hire quality, talented engineers faster, with less effort.

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