Category: Measuring Dev Skills

9 Sep

Test Driven Development

When a candidate has made it past the initial screening process, we’d typically like to take a closer look at…Read more
2 Sep

File system task tests

In this episode we revisited the same file system task that we saw last time, but with a focus on…Read more
26 Aug

File system tasks

Continuing the theme of showcasing tasks that emulate the real dev experience, we look at a file system task in…Read more
19 Aug

Measuring Backend Skills

In the previous two episodes we looked at ways to zoom in and isolate a particular skill, though in reality,…Read more
12 Aug

Recovery Tasks

Sometimes it’s not enough for a candidate to just be able to solve a given problem; you might be looking…Read more
5 Aug

Testing Refactoring Skills

One of the specialties of the CodeSignal platform is its ability to provide targeted assessment. Isolating the specific skills required…Read more
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