What Will It Take to Make The World #GoBeyondResumes?

Have you asked an HR executive how they measure talent before deciding to bring a candidate in for an interview? Chances are they’ll say ability matters but it’s more than just the words on a resume. Well, at least that’s how it should be. The idea of measuring abilities at the beginning of the hiring process is exactly what Episode One of the #GoBeyondResumes video series is all about. The #GoBeyondResumes movement is transforming how organizations approach the hiring process to create a mindset shift in the market about how we approach hiring and how we measure talent.

The truth is that ability is much more valuable than any degree from a certain school, the number of years of working at a certain company or even a company name. It’s not something that you can pick up right away from reading words on a piece of paper. As Tigran Sloyan, Co-Founder/CEO of CodeSignal and the mastermind of #GoBeyondResumes, puts it, “Resumes suck.” They only tell half of the story. Anyone can stuff a resume full of keywords; just as anyone could potentially perform a job without necessarily having a degree in the subject or a degree at all. 

And who can blame applicants for building their resumes in that way, it’s what they’ve learned will get them in the door. Look up how to optimize a resume on any search engine and you’re guaranteed to get suggestions such as using certain phrases that will get picked up easily by HR software. This is not the way to judge a candidate’s worth according to Sloyan. He has spent the last five years studying how organizations leverage resumes in selecting the right candidate and has found that it’s hard to judge when so many prolific professionals might not have a typical industry background. In fact, Sloyan challenges organizations to ask themselves, “Why are we stuck in the resume era? Why do we still use keywords on a PDF document or a piece of paper to judge talent?” It only limits what’s possible. 

So how do we go beyond resumes? How do we learn about the journey applicants have taken to get to this point of potentially joining your organization and where will they go if you give them a chance to put their experience to work? The #GoBeyondResumes video series explores this very subject and how you would be surprised to learn that the background of some very well known industry leaders does not match their current occupation. Each episode features Sloyan as he interviews recruiters and hiring managers from various organizations and even quizzes a few on matching up the resumes of some very famous industry gurus.  

The hope behind the #GoBeyondResumes movement is that organizations will learn to be more open in their hiring process and not just rely on software to identify top talent. Sloyan stresses that “…it’s going to take more than a technology change. More than one-on-one conversations to take the world beyond resumes.” We need to move away from using keywords in a resume so that we don’t lose out on valuable talent when there’s already a shortage of worthy candidates. Don’t miss out on talent and join the #GoBeyondResumes movement today!

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