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Do you know what it costs to hire developers?

Finalizing your company’s hiring goals isn’t easy. And, it is only the first step in managing a high-performing recruiting team and being seen as a strategic partner to your Engineering hiring team counterpart. 

Leveraging current data trends, our research team has built a Tech Hiring Calculator. We built this so that Engineering and Talent Acquisition Leaders can have a productive conversation about what it takes to meet your shared goals for hiring developers and software engineers. It also gives you a custom report showing how to optimize the process to hire top talent while preserving engineering time.

If you know how many software developers you’d like to hire, this calculator and custom report will tell you:

  • Talent Acquisition headcount and roles needed to optimize the team 
  • Target metrics for each stage of your recruiting funnel
  • Engineering interview hours required to hire the software developers you need (including hiring remote developers)

Optimize developer hiring with CodeSignal

Want to find out how many recruiting and engineering hours you can save by incorporating CodeSignal into your technical hiring processes? Schedule a call with one of our experts.

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