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New name + new Coding Score + new user profile

Since we launched back in 2014, we’ve created a diverse community of developers who learn new coding skills and practice for technical interviews on our platform every day.  We learned a lot over these years and one of our top priorities is still to make our platform as useful to our users as possible. We want our brand and our products to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed.

So below are three important launches effective today ?.  

New Name

You may have noticed, that as of today, we changed our name from CodeFights to CodeSignal. We believe that our new name, CodeSignal, better reflects our continued focus on measuring technical skills and adding unbiased skills data to the recruiting process. Our goal is to ensure that we can provide a completely objective way of signaling your level of skill to those that matter (get it? ?).

New Coding Score

We are also excited to announce the CodeSignal Coding Score! Under your new dedicated “My Profile” tab, you’ll find a new section called “Coding Score”. This score is an overall measurement of your implementation and problem-solving abilities and a predictor of how you will perform in technical interviews. Whether you’re measuring your own skills as you learn new ones, comparing your skills to those of your friends, or finding a new job; the CodeSignal Coding Score will be your way of showing your skills to the world.  Learn more about your Coding Score

New User Profile

We’ve also created a whole new User Profile to highlight your coding skills and make it more useful, especially if you’re interviewing. Now, you can update your profile, control your privacy settings, and most importantly, share your profile link with potential employers. From now on, you can use your CodeSignal profile as your Developer Resume.  Login to see your new profile!

There’s even more announcements just around the corner. But in the meantime, Happy Coding!

The CodeSignal Team

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