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Jan 20: Learn How Asana Uncovers Underrepresented Engineering Talent

Looking for fresh ideas and strategies to meet your DEI goals in 2022? CodeSignal and Asana teamed up to host a free webinar on Jan 20 that’s all about how to attract and retain diverse technical talent. Sign up and reserve your spot now! 

CodeSignal’s Co-Founder, Sophia Baik, will be speaking with Sophia Yamauchi, Head of AsanaUP. AsanaUP is a unique apprenticeship program that’s all about closing the opportunity gap by helping people reach their full potential and learn what it’s like to work at Asana.

Join us to discover:

  • How AsanaUP has achieved a 82% success rate in converting apprentices to full-time software engineers
  • Strategies for sourcing talent with underrepresented, nontraditional backgrounds
  • The secret sauce for how Asana mentors, develops, and supports apprentices throughout the program

Sound interesting? You can join the conversation for free on January 20, 10 AM PT. Sign up here.

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