Beautiful JavaScript Contest Winners

Beautiful JavaScript Challenge

The Beautiful JavaScript contest was an amazing event. We got over 500 solutions from our awesome CodeFighter community! It ended up being really hard to narrow our list of favorites down to just three. But after a lot of thought, our judges have chosen the three that they think are the most expressive, readable, and concise – in other words, the most beautiful – as our winners.

The winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Beautiful JavaScript contest! Each of these CodeFighters has won a three-day trip to San Francisco, and will get to come nerd out with us about JavaScript at CodeSignal HQ.

See the winner’s solutions section of this post for their full solutions to the challenge secretArchivesLock! We’re going to be posting an in-depth explanation of each winner’s solution, in the winner’s own words, so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks.

Honorable mentions

We also want to acknowledge the following CodeFighters with an honorable mention and a CodeSignal gift box!

  • ben_s24: This CodeFighter’s solution was a crowd favorite – commenters on the challenge really liked his solution!
  • hydralisk: Not only did this CodeFighter have a great solution to the challenge, he also reviewed all of the solutions to compile his own list of favorites.
  • jeff_b36: This CodeFighter created an awesome website to help visualize the challenge.

The winner’s solutions

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the winner’s solutions!

arnav_a2’s solution

arnav_a2's Beautiful Javascript Solution

boomx’s solution

boomx's Beautiful JavaScript Solution

marcusekeenan’s solution

marcusekeenan's Beautiful JavaScript Solution

Congratulations to our winners! And everyone who submitted a solution, great work! We really enjoyed reading through all of the creative solutions that you all came up with.

Tell us…

Did you have a favorite solution that didn’t end up being a winner or an honorable mention? Let us know over on the CodeSignal Forum!

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