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About Code Arcade

It's like Angry Birds, but in code! Practice and improve your programming skills by unlocking the whole knowledge universe. Focus on the fundamentals of programming as you solve fun coding games.

How it works

Choose a World

Code Arcade consists of multiple worlds. Each world is about a specific topic in Software Engineering and Computer Science. From tool specific worlds, like the Python World, to more theoretical ones, like the Graph World, Code Arcade will help you practice and improve your coding skills.

Pick a Location

Once you are in a specific World, you will see many different locations. Most of them are initially locked and structured in increasing order of difficulty.

Solve a Task

Inside each location you will find up to 15 fun tasks. Solving each one will unlock the next one and give you points to progress towards your 3 stars. To unlock more locations, get at least 2 stars on each of the already unlocked locations.