Can Learning Be Addictive?

CodeSignal CEO Tigran Sloyan gave a TEDx talk in October, and we’re so excited to be able to share it with the world!

Watch the video to discover how advances in neuroscience, psychology, and game theory have paved the way for the creation of addictive learning systems like CodeSignal.

Tigran outlines the basics of an unconventional – but proven – method of creating geniuses. If you start teaching a young child one skill very early on, and keep them focused on that single skill for years, they will excel at it. He discusses how following a similar practice in his childhood led to him becoming an international math champion.

His experiences led him to discover the core idea of CodeSignal: that practicing a skill needs to be fun in order to be effective! He talks about why the challenge-achievement-dopamine loop (a core component of CodeSignal gameplay) is critical to keeping people engaged in any process.

Challenge Achievement Dopamine Loop

Tell us…

Have you ever experienced the challenge-achievement-dopamine loop that Tigran talks about? If so, has it helped you to learn a new skill – coding or otherwise? Let us know on the Forum over on CodeSignal!

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