Beautiful JavaScript Winner Code Walkthrough

boomx's Beautiful JavaScript Solution

“It’s rewarding. It feels good to come up with a solution, and just to in general practice how you approach solving problems.”

– Beautiful JavaScript winner boomx on CodeSignal

The CodeSignal Beautiful JavaScript contest wrapped up a few weeks ago, and the winners were CodeFighters boomx, arnav_a2, and marcusekeenan. Each of them won a trip to San Francisco and three nights at a hotel downtown. We recently had the first of our winners visit us!

boomx is a software developer in North Carolina. Earlier this year, he went to a conference where a presenter talked about how important it is for programmers to stay sharp by practicing outside of work. One of boomx’s coworkers mentioned that CodeSignal is his favorite site for practicing programming, so he signed up to try it too. boomx solved a few challenges here and there, but really got into the site once he saw the Beautiful JavaScript challenge. Now he tries to solve the daily Challenge as often as he can to keep his skills sharp!

We had a great time hosting him at CodeSignal HQ. Our Engineering team really enjoyed getting to talk with him about his solution, coding in general, and of course JavaScript!

Beautiful JavaScript Winner boomx
Oh, you know, just casually pointing at a contest winner.

During his visit, he was kind enough to give us a great walkthrough of his solution. He started by talking about his original naive solution, and then about how he optimized it. It’s really interesting to see the code’s evolution from its (still great!) beginnings to the expressive, readable, and concise solution that you can see at solution #191. Watch his explanation below!

Thanks, boomx!

We’ll post the next two solutions when our other winners visit us later this year, so stay tuned!