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Introducing Interview Practice

Interview Practice Mode

Let’s not kid ourselves – preparing for interviews isn’t exactly fun. In fact, it can be downright nerve-wracking! The best way for you to be able to walk into an interview feeling poised and confident is to practice, practice, practice – and to know what to expect during the interview. But it’s hard to know what kind of questions you should practice when you’re preparing, and it can be even harder for you to gauge how well you’re doing when you’re practicing. That’s why CodeSignal is giving you a new secret weapon to help you prepare for technical interviews – Interview Practice!

Introducing Interview Practice Mode!

Prepare for technical interviews

We created Interview Practice because we know that for you to succeed in a technical interview, you need to be able to solve real interview questions from real technical interviews. Interview Practice has 100+ real interview questions from 10+ top-rated companies (think Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn) on over 25 topics ranging from dynamic programming to hash tables to sorting algorithms. What – that’s not enough? Don’t worry, we’ll be adding more questions from even more companies over the next few months.

Interview Practice is on the same great CodeSignal platform that you already know and love. It runs tests against your solutions in realtime, so you get instant feedback about how you’re doing. Since you get to choose challenges from specific companies that are about specific topics, you create a custom interview preparation experience instead of following a one-size-fits-all path. When you’re done with a challenge, compare your answer against solutions from other CodeFighters. And as always, you can ask questions and discuss strategies in the CodeSignal forum.

Maybe you’re already looking for a new job. Or you’re considering looking for one. Or maybe you just want to know whether you can solve interview questions from a certain company – bragging rights are important! Whatever your goal, the CodeSignal Interview Practice Mode is going to help you get there.

What are you waiting for? Start preparing for your next interview right now with CodeSignal’ Interview Practice. You’ll walk in knowing that you’re prepared for anything the interviewer throws at you!  

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Are you preparing for interviews right now? How are you going to integrate Interview Practice Mode into your interview prep routine? Let us know what you think on the CodeSignal forum!